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Newcastle Green Waste Recycling 

Newcastle Green Waste Recycling is operated by Oz Mulch.
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By using chipping and best replica watches shredding machinery, we are able to reduce selective pallets to mulch. Mulch works well to reduce a plants water intake by preventing soil erosion while keeping weeds at bay. By providing waste recycling services, we are able to prevent pallets from ending up in landfill or being burned, releasing carbon into the atmosphere instead of acting as a carbon sink in the soil.

Green Waste
We are able to accept green waste for recycling, which we then process into a high grade product used to add organic matter to soil. It can also be included in soil mixtures to create a healthy environment for a variety of growing purposes. Organic matter increases the soils ability to retain water as well as greatly increasing the soils nutrient holding capacity, which in turn, provides better nutrition to gardens, lawns and plants around our region while helping prevent fertilizer runoff. Added into soil mixtures, it provides these benefits to the mix without adding chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Timber Waste
Similar to our pallet reduction process, timber waste can also be shredded or chipped into mulch. As mulch, the timber chips can be used to keep weeds down and reduce soil water evaporation, lowering water consumption. In organic form, timber that would otherwise be wasted can instead be used to add an organic element to the soil, increasing its ability to hold water and nutrients, resulting in healthier plants, lawns and gardens.

What We CAN Recycle
Greenwaste, trees, lawn clippings, stumps, logs, timber waste, pallets, crates, skids, cable reels, mulch, sawdust, off cuts, timber framing, timber studs, compost, VENM (Virgin Excavated Natural Material) - no other soil accepted.

What We CAN NOT Recycle
Engineered wood products and timbers (engineered wood products means painted, treated or composite wood products such as MDF, plywood, chip board, particle board, oriented strand board, melamine, laminated veneer lumber, glulam or fibreboards that are manufactured with glues, resins, water repellents, fire retardants, fungal inhibitors and/or other chemicals.) Preservative treated or coated wood residues (meaning wood residues that are preservative treated with chemicals such as copper chrome arsenate (CCA) , high temperature creosote (HTC), pigmented emulsified creosote (PEC) and light organic solvent preservative (LOSP) and / or coated with substances such as varnish or paint, treated pine (eg. H1-H6 chemical treated). Painted timber (eg. painted doors, painted weatherboard, painted floorboards). CHEP Style painted / dyed pallets are acceptable, usually blue or red in colour.

General building waste, Asbestos and ACM (Asbestos containing materials) is not accepted. 

If you would like more information on how we can help you reduce your waste and carbon footprint by implementing a recycling program, please feel free to contact us through our website. We take reducing the organic waste stream very seriously and would be happy to work with you.

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Toronto  Ph: 02 4959 4999                            

78 Nomad Rd Toronto

OPEN Monday - Friday: 7am - 4:30pm

SATURDAY 8AM - 3PM * Please call if wet, could be 12pm due to weather.





Green waste is currently ONLY accepted at the Toronto facility.

For further information of green waste tipping & fees visit:


Pollutant Complaints Phone: 02 4959 1499

** All products that are sold as cubic meterage are measured by a loose cubic meter with a front end loader bucket. 

Cameron Park Ph: 02 4955 2217

1 Stenhouse Drive, Cameron Park

OPEN Monday - Friday: 7am - 4:30pm





Saturday: 8am - 3pm  * Please call if wet, could be 12pm due to weather.


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